Testing private functions in Clojure

Something which has been bugging me for a while is that it's not possible to test private functions in Clojure. At least that's what I thought. There's a neat little »

Length-indexed lists in C++

Over the weekend, while lamenting the lack of dependent types in Haskell, I thought I'd see what C++ can offer in this space. After all, C++ templates allow value parameters »

Yampa's Switches

Yampa is a pretty cool arrow-based framework for writing FRP programs in Haskell. However, its documentation is sorely lacking. There is a limited amount of information on the Haskell wiki »

Arrowised Materials in Purely Functional Ray Tracing

This article assumes at least a basic understanding of arrows as they are implemented in Haskell. It you haven't come across them before, I recommend this excellent tutorial by Ertugrul »